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Hero - “The Takeover” Mixtape

Hero – “The Takeover” Mixtape

Hero is an upcoming artist out of Oak Hill, West Virginia but is currently living in Morgantown West Virginia. He just put out his first Solo mixtape, The Takeover hosted by WV native DJ Tre Money, after leaving his music group 3rd Degree and signing with the independent music label Class Act Entertainment. After over a year with Class Act and working on his tape he has put in a lot of work and…

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Aliso Black - “Hard Cheese”

Aliso Black – “Hard Cheese”

There’s probably more than a few rappers who can relate to what Aliso Black is talking about on his newest track “Hard Cheese.” Even if they’re too busy fronting to address it in their false rhymes about cash stacking and gun clapping. But we all know that when times are tough and money is tight, insanity ensues. Though he’s had his share of lows on a quest for hip-hop supremacy, Aliso’s first…

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Apollo Brown & Ras Kass Announce New Album “Blasphemy”

Apollo Brown & Ras Kass Announce New Album “Blasphemy”

BlasphemyCover_1500x1500 (2)

Blasphemy, the collaborative album from esteemed Mello Music Group producer Apollo Brown and Ras Kass, is a thought-provoking and highly personal treatise on the unspoken. No “ism” is out of bounds, no topic too untoward. Whatever you hold sacred isn’t above aggressive inquiry. The album displays their undeniable synergy and when Ras Kass crucifies supposed facts over Apollo’s beats, it’s clear…

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La Etnnia - Real [Video Oficial]

La Etnnia – Real [Video Oficial]

El mítico grupo del cual algunos de sus integrantes se han desintegrado por motivos personales nos lleva a un viaje REAL en esta canción que ya poco suena en las escasas emisoras de Hip Hop actuales.

La Etnnia es un grupo colombiano de Rap y Hip-Hop, conformado inicialmente por cinco integrantes: Kany, Kaiser, Ata, Buitre, Zebra,…

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Cracker Jon & 2Late - Obnoxious Feat. Dirty Dike & Lee Scott

Cracker Jon & 2Late – Obnoxious Feat. Dirty Dike & Lee Scott

Obnoxious‘ con Dirty Dike y Lee Scott es la nueva producción de Cracker Jon & 2Late del muy esperado álbum de debut ‘You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon‘, que ya está disponible en CD, vinilo de edición limitada y digital en High Focus Records.

Producido íntegramente por 2Late, con Fliptrix, Dirty Dike, Leaf Dog, Lee Scott, Dat…

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Opositivo, Code, Güecha, Cagta, Poetical Words, Nykolaz Tynoko y Jpf Mc - Coalición 1 (Prod. Fullnes)

Opositivo, Code, Güecha, Cagta, Poetical Words, Nykolaz Tynoko y Jpf Mc – Coalición 1 (Prod. Fullnes)

Unión de algunos Exponentes del Rap Capitalino

Nuevo Single Del Nuevo Disco “Los Tres Genios“. Coalición es una combinación de voces entre grandes exponentes de la escena Hip Hop de Bogotá.

Los artistas: O positivo mc – Code – Güecha – Poetical Words – Nikolaz Tynoko – Jpf Mc

Coalición 1

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