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J-3rd (Los Angeles, CA) - Skeletons

J-3rd (Los Angeles, CA) – Skeletons


J-3rdis more than just your typical rapper; J-3rd is an artist, an innovator in his own lane. Born August 29th 1987 J-3rd was raised in South Central Los Angeles where his many talents in sports, dancing, acting, and music helped him become a great roll model in his community. J-3rd has opened up for numerous artists and performed at venues such as the world famous House of Blues, the Key…

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L.H. (Chicago, IL) - All Before (Rapped)

L.H. (Chicago, IL) – All Before (Rapped)


*L.H.* is a hip hop artist and performer from the south and west sides of the city of Chicago. L.H. grew up listening to West Coast rappers like *Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube* and *NWA* as well as rap from the Dirty South like Houston’s *Scarface*, and *Hot Boys* from New Orleans. Make no mistake though, L.H. is solid Midwest and he represents Chicago. Even so, L.H. has ambition and a goal to…

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J. Oli (Cleveland, OH) - BNBMB (Official Video)

J. Oli (Cleveland, OH) – BNBMB (Official Video)


New video from up and coming Cleveland, Ohio artist J. Oli.  First single “BNBMB” produced by Jacob Marley.  First of three upcoming singles to drop over the summer.  Recorded at Empire Studios, engineered by Brian Empire(Cleveland, Ohio).  Music video filmed and edited by Andres Garcia.



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Charris (London) - “Vol 1” (Beat Tape)

Charris (London) – “Vol 1″ (Beat Tape)


Charris - “Vol 1” is a collection of beats made over the last 6 months. Although each track offers something different, there is a distinct unity felt in this project. Tracks such as West Cepen Way and Gritty City offer floating rhodes parts interspersed with delicate bass; Itutu and Mistakes provide an uplifting jazzy flavour; Escobar Status offers a much darker, bass-driven experience.


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Eclipz (Columbia, SC) - “Get It Clear” (Official Video)

Eclipz (Columbia, SC) – “Get It Clear” (Official Video)

Million Dollar Dream

Merriam-Webster defines an eclipse as the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another; meaning that throughout time there have been talented people who have literally become obscure because of someone else’s more intriguing presence and talent.  That very definition is a perfect synopsis of Eclipzwho has mastered…

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M. J. Withers (Maryland) - “Champagne Dreams” (Past Times & Hard Liquor)

M. J. Withers (Maryland) – “Champagne Dreams” (Past Times & Hard Liquor)


“Past Times & Hard Liquor” is an eight track EP by Maryland Emcee M. J. Withers. The EP explores topics of defiance, doubt, confidence, partying and storytelling. All tracks are composed and arranged by M. J. Withers, showcasing his ability to put sounds together effectively. Guest appearances on the EP are by fellow Maryland rapper ceeMAJOR and songstress Jasmine. Production on the EP is…

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