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Parallel (Anaheim, CA) - “One Flow Left” (Official Video)

Parallel (Anaheim, CA) – “One Flow Left” (Official Video)


Parallel’s “One Flow Left” is taken from the upcoming Parallel album titled “No More Secrets”

Parallelis a west coast hip-hop collective, based out of Juice Town, California. Their first recording sessions date back to 1998, when a bunch of local, like-minded artists decided to join forces and start making music together. Since…

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Innocent? (Brooklyn, NY) - “Silent Murder” ft. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx (Official Video)

Innocent? (Brooklyn, NY) – “Silent Murder” ft. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx (Official Video)

Innocent? (feat. Ruste Juxx & Sean Price) - "Silent Murder"

Innocent? (feat. Ruste Juxx & Sean Price) – “Silent Murder”

There’s no doubt about it that Brooklyn births some of the most stone cold characters in our nation’s history. From Bugsy Siegel to Biggie, Brooklynites never back down from any challenge, even it it involves making enemies in the process. But through the lyrically poised…

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S.I.M (La Habra, CA) - Summer Of Sim (Pre Ep)

S.I.M (La Habra, CA) – Summer Of Sim (Pre Ep)

00_-_Sim_Kapone_Summer_Of_Sim_pre_Ep-front-large Much like other Hispanic American Male raised below the poverty line in a single parent home S.I.M had to deal with adversity at a very young age. His father was sentenced to life in prison when S.I.Mwas only 4 years old and that left S.I.M the man of his house at a very young age. Although his mother tried to do her best to provide her children shelter for bad influences. S.I.M could not…

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Davis Absolute (Phoenix, AZ) - BlendTape Vol.2 ThoughtPoet

Davis Absolute (Phoenix, AZ) – BlendTape Vol.2 ThoughtPoet

ThoughtPoet is a collection of heartfelt and soulful poetry pieces aimed to bring praise to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit guiding the record. Davis Absolutepresents well crafted lyrics over polished soundscapes to reveal what is his ‘thought poetry’. With various production pieces and moods, Thought Poet is a truly unique hip hop project that stays true to the roots of hip hop while diving into…

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Flawless (Chicago, IL) - “You Willin” (Official Video)

Flawless (Chicago, IL) – “You Willin” (Official Video)


Rooted & raised in the 80′s on the Southside of Chicago, Flawlessaka KV did not let his surroundings make him become a product of his environment. From his inner struggles of the street life, Flawless chose to take a path of voicing his experiences through music. Not new to the music world but still young in the game, Flawless has…

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Martin Hopeful - Q&A Interview

Martin Hopeful – Q&A Interview

Martin Hopeful

Tell us a little about yourself. Where you are from? How long have you been making Hip Hop?

Well, I am from Brooklyn, NY I been doing Hip Hop for about 10 years and running. It seems like it’s a lot of years; however, I am blessed for doing it this long!

What influences you in making Hip Hop?

I have a lot of influences; but for right now seeing a lot of my old friends back in college making…

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Jay Stubbs (Corona, CA) - Q&A Interview

Jay Stubbs (Corona, CA) – Q&A Interview


Tell us a little about yourself. Where you are from? How long have you been making Hip Hop?

My name is Jay Stubbs and I’m from Corona CA. Music has always been a part of my life. My mother is a singer/songwriter. A couple of years ago, music became my 24/7 job. I became entrenched in developing a unique sound by remaining true to myself.

What influences you in making Hip Hop?

I’ve always had a…

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